According to the UCLA Center for Digital Humanities: “Digital Humanities interprets the cultural and social impact of new media and information technologies—the fundamental components of the new information age—as well as creates and applies these technologies to answer cultural, social, historical, and philological questions, both those traditionally conceived and those only enabled by new technologies.”


Digital Humanities in the cultural heritage environment includes such activities as curating online collections, mining large cultural data sets, data visualization and representational technologies, information retrieval, database design, digital publishing, gaming, multimedia, augmented and virtual reality, peer-to-peer collaboration, and GIS and mapping.

Art, architecture and archaeology Digital Humanities projects draw on one or many of these components, as well as incorporating content and methodologies from related humanities or, ever more frequently, from natural science and social science disciplines. In this new collaborative, interdisciplinary digital environment, visual resources specialists and librarians work side-by-side with faculty and students to develop and support Digital Humanities projects for teaching and research.

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This Visual Resources + Digital Humanities site is intended to be a forum for information about how the visual resources professional can support and interact with digital humanities practitioners, projects, and initiatives. Information on digital humanities projects and activities, conferences and workshops, digital tools, and bibliographies can be posted here.

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